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Multigrain bread. No Refined Wheat Flour. No yeast!!!

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

In this blog you will get to know many things about multigrain bread and flour. Do read!

What is Multigrain flour or product?

Multigrain mix means it consist of 2 or more whole grain or flour. Generally in multigrain mix, wheat ,rice, ragi, jowar, bajra, oats, barley, etc is included. Grain should not be processed or flour should not be refined.

Why Multigrain bread?

Every grain has its own nutritional benefits. Multigrain breads can consist of different flours like wheat, ragi, bajra , rye, etc,. Multigrain breads are not so soft as compared to white breads. Taste is way more better than white bread. Multigrain bread has high fiber content, good amount of protein, calcium and B-complex vitamins. I know, multigrain bread has more calories than white bread but it is way more healthy!

As Multigrain bread has high amount of dietary fiber, it gives you satiety ( makes you feel full for long period time).

Storage of these breads are same as white breads.

One can easily make Multigrain bread by following below recipe. If you want to buy from store, remember to choose a bread which has main ingredient as a whole grain not a refined grain.

Always look for non-grain ingredients like seeds in bread it increases the nutrient content of bread.

How to make Multigrain bread at home?

To begin with this recipe, lets grab all the flours we required in the sieve. Process of sieving incorporated the air in the batter which intern makes the bread fluffy. Add all the dry ingredients to the sieve. You can incorporate as many whole grain flours as possible. But keep the quantities in mind.

Now its time to add salt and baking powder to it. sieve the flour properly.

Now its time to add oil, curd and sugar to this mix. Mix all of these neatly. Don't be harsh while kneading the dough, do it with light hand.

Add chia seeds and watermelon seeds to the mix. You can add any seed of your choice. I only had chia seeds and watermelon seeds so i added it, but flex seeds and pumpkin seeds also tastes good.

Take luke warm milk and add lemon to it, to make buttermilk. Keep it aside for 5 mins. Add this buttermilk to the dough to knead it. Remember knead it with soft hands.

Pre-heat the oven at 180 degree or pre-heat cooker or kadhai for 15 mins on low flame. Grease the aluminium tin with oil or butter and add the dough to it. Press it evenly. Add some more seeds on top and brush small amount of milk on it.

Now bread is ready to bake in the oven or cooker or kadhai. Bake it for good 40-45 min. For me it took 45 mins. Check it by putting toothpick in bread , if it comes out clean its ready!!

YEAH!!! Multi-grain bread is ready! Make slices and store it in airtight container.

You can toast, sandwich, or anything of your choice.


Nutritive value:

Energy: 279 kcal

Protein 9.8 gm

Carbohydrate:43 gm

Fat: 7.3 gm

Fiber:7.9 gm

Calcium:97.1 mg

Iron:3.1 mg

Omega-3 fatty acids: 21 mg

Folic acid:4.6 mcg

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Purva Bahadkar


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