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Nutrition for Menopausal Women!!

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

What we are is because of our mothers? The only one person who shared everything with you without conditions.. from her womb to her all nutrients in body, isn't it?

And now she is going through her menopause (45-55 years). Her body is going through many changes and you are supposed to take care of her.

Changes during Menopause:

1. Hormonal Changes:

Sometimes she gets angry and on the other hand she feel depressed or emotional on small things. This is all because of her hormonal changes. Estrogen is the primary “female” hormone. Estrogen levels generally reduced during menopause. But sometimes there can be more estrogen present during this period than earlier .

To help her with this  you should make sure that she is happy. Just engage her with any work in which she feels good and releases "happy hormones". For  example, watching her favourite movie, going out with beloved, talking to her friends, spending time with you, etc..

2. Bone Degeneration:

This is the peak time in which bone degeneration may occur due to lack of estrogens in body. In earlier stages of life the bone degeneration takes place but the rate of regeneration is faster. after menopause women are at high risk of developing Osteoporosis (porous bones).

Following are some of the tips to ensure reduced symptoms of menopause:

1. Include milk and milk products, eggs, chicken liver,etc. in diet.

2. Eat more fibers like salads, smoothies, soups, whole fruits. (Add oil and some peanuts in salad)

3. Have nuts and some oil seeds. At least have some peanuts in a day. In oil seeds one can have pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, watermelon seeds, etc.

4. Include more green leafy vegetables in diet.

5. Drink enough water everyday.

6. Maintain weight, exercise regularly and do meditation everyday.

7. Don't skip any meal.

Along with diet she needs your time and empathy towards her. Take out some time from your busy schedule just for your mother because she needs you and your attention.

See you with some exciting and knowledgeable information in my next article.

Till then take care of yourself and your sweetheart Momma!!!

For any queries and further information please feel free to comment and contact me anytime.

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Purva Bahadkar


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